Fort Morgan Church Plant



It was the desire of the leadership through much prayer and consideration to plant a church in the community of Fort Morgan, Colorado. In 2012 God opened the door for this work to begin.

Berean Bible Church • 211 W Beaver Ave. • Fort Morgan, CO 80701
(970) 380-6867
Berean Bible Church website


Sunday School 8:30-9:15 a.m.; Bible Study & Fellowship for Adults, Teens, and Children.

Sunday Worship Service 9:30-10:30 a.m.; Prayer, Singing and Teaching from the Bible.




OUR PURPOSE (WHY we do what we do): To faithfully GLORIFY GOD by bringing the maximum advertisement to HIS GREATNESS!

OUR MISSION (WHAT we are to do): “Make Disciples.”We are still praying about “HOW” Jesus Christ INTENDS for this Church TO ACCOMPLISH the above PURPOSE and MISSION!
Brief bio, After pastoring a Berean Church in Ainsworth Nebraska, God moved Brent and Valerie to Fort Morgan. We began here without one person committed to the work. We had nothing, and that scares anyone! But God has showed up! Has it been EASY? HA, HA….no way!!! Pray for us.​
As we look back we are amazed and grateful for all the Lord has done.  It is above and beyond all we could ask or imagine.  We are thankful for God’s love for us, settled at the cross of Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago.  His love has never changed.  He saves sinners and His salvation is free!In considering church planting in Fort Morgan, we were told that something “extraordinary” needs to happen for it to succeed.  In our case we gave God the opportunity to do something IMPOSSIBLE! And “IMPOSSIBLE” things have occurred in this church plant!In May of 2012 we had our first church gathering at the Comfort Inn conference room. THE Grace Bible Church was given to us in January 2013, we have seen a steady increase in attendance (that January we met in a SS room…since then we have met in the huge auditorium).  Usually we have over 55 attending regularly.  We are also able to touch an additional 40 kids through the Awana ministry.  Many folks have joined with us, and they often recommend our church to their friends.As we look toward 2014 we pray that God would continue to do the impossible!  We have a unique opportunity in Fort Morgan, CO, to see the Gospel invade the darkness.  Have you ever heard of the 10/40 window?  This window is a rectangular section of the world stretching from 10 degrees South to 40 degrees North latitudes.  It encompasses North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.  It is an area of the world that is often resistant to the Gospel of Jesus.Fort Morgan is becoming like this 10/40 window! Without leaving Fort Morgan we can love people from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eretria, India, Morocco, Myanmar, Sudan etc. [and people born right here].  We also have folks living here from other places in the world.  Our neighbor is from Ukraine.  We know people from Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Congo.  Our Awana kid’s program on Tuesday nights hosts some from Guatemala and Mexico.  Our town is 40% Hispanic (60% in the schools).  One reason we continue to meet early in the morning each Sunday (8:30 – 10:30 AM; Bible Fellowship then Worship Service) is that we hope to host another ethnic group.  They could use our facilities at 11:00 AM. Pray for the families in our fellowship that we stay faithful and work together in reaching out to this diverse community.Thanks for everything, especially your prayers! Brent and Valerie Harwerth


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